To Chile the Hard Way 2014/08/30

I’ve Been Living In Two Time Zones For Months –

A funny thing happened on the way to Chile; I fell in love with a woman that literally lives on the opposite side of the Earth. If you could drive a rod from my location to hers it would pass through the Center of the Earth.

Sixteen hours separate our time zones and I spend so much time with her that I often think it’s “tomorrow” while I’m still in the Great lakes.

The Importance of Shared Values

We met through some common online groups – political and religious. As an Anarchist and Pagan Mystic I had never met a woman who so meshed with my experience and views. It didn’t take long before we were chatting through the nights here, and first thing in the morning there. Then Skyping for an average of four hours each of our respective days and nights.

We Are Now Engaged And…

I will be joining her around the time of the Autumnal Equinox.

She has already found us a home to begin our Life Together and it is perfect. We both are Tree-Hugging, Dirt Worshipers and our home reflects our love of nature. It’s in a rural area where we can raise our own hens and goats and it is surrounded by cattle and sheep ranches. Perfect.

As A Fellow Anarchist –

Neither of us feels tied to our countries of origin and expect that in about two year’s time we will be in Chile, beginning the adventure, that Boot-Strap Expat Adventure that has run into obstacle after obstacle. Yet, without those obstacles we would have never met, fallen in love and planned the rest of our lives together.

Our Home Under Wraps For Now

Mi novia (“promised one” in Spanish) is a very private person so until we are together I’m withholding the location of where we’ll spend the first couple years of our Life Together.

As a bit of an Activist and published author on Anarchy and Expatriation, my greatest concern is getting home to her. The TSA continues to morph into a greater threat each day so I hope to fly under their radar. I won’t be coming back to the States. My daughter and Daughter-In-Law are likely to join the adventure in time, but we’re keeping First Things First.

Nat Geo Support?

Tomorrow I’ll be submitting a proposal to National Geographic for sponsorship of The Boot-Strap Expat Adventure. Perhaps our time in our new home will be interrupted by the Adventure.


The Boot-Strap Expat adventure, a rustic camping road-trip from the Great Lakes region of North America to Expatriate communities in South America. This adventure will be include regular posting of video and articles capturing the trials and tribulations of a 13,200 mile road-trip from the Great Lakes to Chile. Afterwards, a documentary video and book will be created and published.

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