The Government Does Only One Thing Well & They’re Not Supposed To*


The Government Does Nothing Well, Beside “Screw People Over”

With tens of thousands of years of history to look back on, it amazes me how stupid most folks are. The greatest threat to your safety and well-being is your government, not some “terrorist” in a far off land.

The greatest crimes against Humanity have all been at the hands of government.

  • The slaughter of the people who honored Ba’al in the Holy Land by the Hebrews;
  • The slaughter of the Cathars at the whim of the Catholic Church;
  • The slaughter of the Mesoamericans at the hands of Conquistadors;
  • The slaughter of Native Americans at the hands of the Land of the Free;
  • Millions of Ukrainians at the hands of Stalin and the Soviets;
  • Hitler, you know;
  • Millions of Armenians at the hands of the Turks;
  • Millions at the hands of Mao;
  • Millions at the hands of the Khmer Rouge;

Have you noticed the pattern? YOUR government is the greatest threat to your well-being, not some foreign power. Wake up, snow-flake!

Your government is conspiring to kill you. They all do, they all have.

Most Corporations, Like Soylent Green Are “people.”
You Wanna Voice? Buy a Share.

Have you noticed all the propaganda against “corporations?” What is that about? With a few exceptions, corporations are no more than collectivist organizations trying to make a buck. If you’re not trying to make a buck you are a parasite of the collective.

Every corporation is owned by “people” and staffed by “people” folks with a dream and half a clue. Regular folks who have managed to set aside some of the fruits of their labors invest in corporations hoping to make a reasonable return on their investments. Whether purchasing shares of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or acquiring shares of an existing corporation they are voting with their savings after already being taxed on their earnings and are rewarded by government with additional taxes on any appreciation they might receive when they liquidate their holdings. Even those bastions of 20th century Socialism, the Unions have considerable investments in corporations and by the way, unions are also corporations.

The Exceptions To The Rule

Sisyphus - What We Are Condemned To

Sisyphus – What We Are Condemned To

So what are the exceptions to the rule?
First and foremost are governments.
It’s amazing how many folks to realize that their local governments are incorporated. Although most State and National governments are not incorporated in the formal sense, they act and are run just like corporations. They issue debts to provide services to those within their imaginary lines on the ground and then the tax-cows living within their jurisdictional authority are forced to pay interest on the debts incurred in their name by their government.

As I write these words, over $55,000.00 is what each citizen owes to cover the current National debt. It gets worse; each taxpayer’s load is over $151,000.00 since only about half of workers producing income in our economy are actually taxed on their income, the other half do not, and some are actually net takers of income tax. It gets worse still, the true indebtedness of the US is now over $200,000,000,000,000 (200 TRILLION), because our Official Deficits don’t include “unfunded liabilities.” Unfunded liabilities are all the future debts the US has racked up without any mechanism to pay for them and includE Social Security and Medicare. As there are approximately 318,000,00 people in the States, the total indebtedness of each individual, thanks to the Federal government is about $628,930.00! EACH! At this very moment. None of these figures include State or local government debt. We are all Detroit.


Second on are exception list are the Military Industrial Complex, Banking Cartels and Crony Capitalists.
These corporations do not operate according to anything approaching Free Markets. There is little to no competition between the major providers of military equipment to the Federal government. Each of the major players has a niche, a specialty that virtually guarantee a continuous flow of contract awards and profits. When they screw up, the government pays them for their screw ups, too (Yes, I’ve worked in aerospace and Defense, so I’ve seen how sausage is made in these industries).

Wall Street and Too Big To Fail Banks. They produce nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that a large portion of the economy provides services, getting my hair cut  and dining out are  both services I not only appreciate, but don’t mind paying for. I’ve also been preparing Tax Returns for a handful of clients for over twenty years and they seem to appreciate my services. Wall Street firms and the major US banks are nothing more than a daisy chain of middlemen who grab a piece of everybody’s action and actually have been able to make their services required by law throughout the land.

Insurance Companies. You don’t need any of them. Not even Health Care insurance (see my essay The Truth About Health Care In the US Few Are Aware Of). Not content to have one of the few business models that almost never go out of business, they also enjoy accounting practices as bizarre as the Federal government; when they lose it is almost guaranteed to be an inside job. Of course they also lobby hard to make sure their services are mandatory by law at every opportunity.

The Granddaddy of All the Exceptions

In the State’s it’s the Federal Reserve. It’s taken one hundred years, but they were able to devalue our gold, silver and copper based coinage or real money and turn it into just 3% of its value a century ago. Think about that for a second, a US Dollar 100 years ago was worth over 33.3 times what that slip of linen in your wallet or purse is today! And it didn’t cost the Federal Reserve, a private entity owned by the international Banking cartel anything, the Fed creates currency out of thin air, then loans it to the Federal government so that it can be placed into circulation.

Not content to own and control most of the real wealth on the planet, now they want total control of the planet. They can’t wait for all governments to step aside so that they don’t have to pull strings from the shadows, they want direct control of the Earth and everything on it. They’re tired of working both sides of every war in the last few hundred years and merely raking in the true wealth.

History suggests they are likely to be disappointed.
*Anarchy and Nature always win.


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2 thoughts on “The Government Does Only One Thing Well & They’re Not Supposed To*

  1. And the victims of the Big Bad Guys are individuals of no apparent importance, aren’t they? The latest post on my blog is called “In memory of Rachel Corrie”. It’s not ALL about her, but I wrote it the day before the anniversary of her death – a 23-year-old gentle and unarmed girl run down by a bulldozer at the whim of a brutal government. I wrote it with the famous Great War slogan in my mind: “Lest We Forget”.

    • Sadly, this is the way of the so-called Mighty, especially in the elevated realms of Control, Power and Government.

      They are too far removed from Real Life and Real People. Just look at how the Empire of the West treats the nations and people of the world – like trash to be dispatched and removed from sight.

      It is up to each of us to remember the crimes wrought by the mighty from on high and remind them what they have sown with their indifference.

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