Nature Always Wins


It’s Hard To Keep Things In Perspective Sometimes –

This Is What Winning Looks Like

This Is What Winning Looks Like

I have mixed thoughts and feelings on some of the issues raised by some writers. Jon Rappoport often brings up issues associated with contemporary life and the serious threats we face individually at the hands of the Collective.

From Genetic Manipulation and the false promises of Modern Medicine to the growing Police State in North America to the Lame Street Media, the dearth of imagination and how the arts just don’t seem to be appreciated. It can be pretty grim at times, and I’ve been known to get grim in my writing as well.

Every once in a while I get a chance to stand back and look at the Earth with fresh eyes. When I do so I’m usually at peace in short order. I see things differently. Even if is a temporary respite from the horrors loose in the world.

What I Perceive With Fresh Eyes and Senses

1) Nature always wins, and we, as a species aren’t very important. To paraphrase George Carlin’,

“the Earth will shake us off like a bunch a fleas and not miss a one of us.”

We may be capable of great destruction across the globe, but Nature ultimately reclaims and heals what we have fouled. It takes time but healing takes place. Think of Chernobyl. Until the Fukushima disaster it was the poster child of Human Hubris unleashed. Yet Nature has already begun to heal the wounds wrought by radiation. Forests and wilderness are reclaiming fallout laden landscapes, and some animals seem to have accepted the radioactive environment.

Fish have returned to some of the most polluted waters in the Americas; they may not be safe to eat, but “Nature finds a way…”

2) Genetic archaeology suggests that we, as a species are descended from a very small group that survived some type of extinction event, hence the “Eve” of genetics. Whatever we happen to do to ourselves in a destructive way there remains a chance that a new “Eve” will kick-start the process all over again. Maybe next time Human Beings will carry a bit of wisdom into that possible future.

3) This is not our first rodeo. There is archaeological and geologic evidence that Homo Sapiens have not only existed far longer than the stewards of academe acknowledge, but evidence that we, contemporary hominids are not the first so-called advanced civilization to Bless or Curse this planet. Our hubris as massively powerful collectives assure our downfall. Yet there are pockets of Anarchy across the globe that demonstrate the power of voluntary exchange and that hierarchies aren’t necessary to survive and thrive.

4) Nature always wins. Let Lab-Coats create their Frankenstein monsters and their Human Centipedes, Blow-Back is a Bitch, especially when you go against Nature.

I used to be appalled by all the research into life extension and the notion of downloading a mind into a computer. Now I just smirk. Given what life has become for so many billions of souls under the oppression of fictions known as nations and states and cartels; Why would we want to extend our mortal selves? There is a great spiritual comfort in knowing that in time this ride will come to an end and that my body will return to Nature to nurture countless other creatures with my departure.

What of Psyche and Pneuma? Our bodies are no more than vehicles for our Soul and Spirit. What a horror if the Lab-Coats could trap our souls and spirits in a machine! I can imagine no worse Hell.

Our soul and spirit are not biomechanical. They come and go as they will. I find solace in this. My Somatic self cannot contain all that I am. Release will come in time.

5) We aren’t that important, and there is no “Death.” Toddlers often recall echoes from their last incarnation and if you pay attention you will be amazed at the memories they are able to hang on to until the sense of separateness from creation is thrust upon them. They have no sense of “other,” only the sense that they are connected with everything that exists.

Sadly, some will spend the rest of their days trying to recapture this sense of wholeness. Some of us have been able to reconnect for brief times only to yearn for the next connection when mundane concerns don’t interfere with our inner life.

The Tyranny of Modern Subsistence

Failure - You catch it from your parents.

Failure – Is Societal

Most of us live appalling lives of modern subsistence. In our urban and suburban realms we are taught that we live Advanced Lives compared to our forebears who worked with Nature to feed themselves and the ones they love. Toiling in the fields. Hunting. Gathering. Limited technologies of wood, fiber, stone and metal.

Some would claim that our so-called advanced societies have eliminated diseases, extended lives, overcome natural forces and have created more wealth and more time for Rest and Recreation. Bullshit.

Point by Point:

Modern Medicine hasn’t eliminated any diseases. Even Polio still exists. They’ve just been kept at bay temporarily.

If you review the data and evidence with a critical eye, you’ll find that the Life Expectancy for the current western populations is no better than two hundred years ago once you eliminate infant mortality. They include infant mortality because is skews the averages to give the impression that the average man was lucky to live to the age of forty without the benefits of Modern Medicine. But if you survived childhood, you were likely to live as long as any modern man or woman. If you include the propensity of modern humans to terminate pregnancies, you might just find that the average man or woman hundreds of years ago outlived the average modern.

Modern Medicine is the 2nd, 3rd or 4th leading cause of death in the US since the ground breaking study by “Dr. Barbara Starfield, writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, on July 26, 2000, in a review titled, “Is US health really the best in the world,” exposed the fact that FDA-approved medical drugs kill 106,000 Americans per year.”

Name a single Natural Force man has overcome. Nature laughs at the little nekkid monkeys with their schemes of superiority. Even Moon shots are based on the Laws of Nature. You may be able to bend them to your will, but they cannot be overcome.

Wealth, Rest and Recreation is what we have always been promised. What is the reality? Throughout the world today, if you are blessed enough to have any type of job producing an income, you are working longer and harder than most generations in history just to live from paycheck to paycheck. And the punch line is that the collective you live under takes its cut of your labors before you even notice you’ve been robbed! You are toiling for unseen masters just to maintain a quality of life that is merely modern subsistence.

Pastoral and Historical Subsistence

Up until a century ago, most folks in North America lived on small farms, ranches or worked the waters to provide for all their needs. What was that like compared to modern life? You can get a glimpse of it from some of the television shows about the Amish communities in North America. What are their days filled with?

Like most agrarian societies Nature sets the tone and timing of life. When to rise, when to plant, when to breed livestock, when to start your work day, when to harvest, when to slaughter, when to call it a day and when to give thanks. While there are strenuous periods the day to day cycles are about living Life, not grinding your life into the pavement just to get by. You have time to be alone with your thoughts and your Gods every day. Loved ones and your relationship to them are a living priority, not something you need to schedule on your calendar.

A personal perspective on subsistence living

I’ve not lived on a farm but I have farmed on a small scale during lean times.

I spent a couple weeks on a 1200 acre ranch in West Virginia and saw firsthand what a Rancher’s life is like. Aside from checking on his grass fed herds once a day, the rest of the day was his to do pretty much as he pleased. He also had quite a herd of deer that would come close to the ranch house each night. “Are you a hunter?” I asked, he just laughed and said, “Naw, if want some deer meat for a change I can shoot one from my porch. That ain’t huntin’.”

The Blessings Are All Here

The Blessings Are All Here

I have lived in the wilderness for extended times, and aside from some staples I took with me Nature was able to supply me with everything I needed. Wood for warmth, clean water to drink, plenty of fish available year round, wild greens and medicinal herbs in season, fruits and berries, edible nuts and the occasional wild turkey or squirrel. The only time I knew hardship was when I relied on modern conveniences.

Up with the sun; hike with the dogs; carrying water; chopping wood; meditating for 1-2 hours a day; reading, writing, painting; cookin’ over hot coals for open flames; rites and rituals by the Moon; sittin’ by the campfire until after midnight, gazing at the night sky. Then beginning again the very next day.

Which Life of Subsistence Do You Prefer?

Nature Always Wins

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