Only Governments Are Capable of Genocides and Holocausts


I’m About To Piss Some Of You Off –

Aside from propagandizing children to believe that their particular government/state/nation/fictional entity enclosed by imaginary lines on the ground is somehow better than all that exist and/or have ever existed, here’s the TRUTH.

Please take note of the Bold, Capitalized and Underlined nature of the last word in the last sentence. It’s important.

History Matters Even If You Are Ignorant

Life is something you engage, something that happens to you, or some combination thereof.

We are entering very dangerous times as a species. I use the term species, because in a sense, that’s all we are. Just nekkid monkeys (to play with Desmond Morris’ title of his published study of The Naked Ape

We aren’t special. We aren’t more important than any other species that has existed, passed away or may yet exist on this planet.

Now before all you Fundamentalists get all uppity understand this:

I died during open heart surgery and kissed Death on the mouth. She may be Hot, but she’s just an illusion. I can’t directly share my experience with y’all, but your fears of Death are unfounded. There is no “Death.”

The Fourth Turning

Folks who study history, and I’m just an armchair quarterback of history, have discovered recurring patterns to World Events. (notice the Capital Letters)

World Events tend to follow a very specific pattern. I’ll leave you who have half a clue to do your own homework, but here is the key for contemporary times.

We’re likely fucked.

Think or recall any major shift in societal change and it coincides with a Fourth Turning; from the American and French Revolutions to the Civil War to WWI / WWII and they fit the pattern. (

Each generation has a characteristic that identifies its primary attributes and as the generations roll over certain impacts/effects are brought forth into the world we inhabit.

If you’re just curious, read up on Generational Theory. If you want to survive the Fourth Turning it’s time to prepare an exit. The last time we had a Fourth Turning the planet was engulfed by World Wars. Not one, but two.

The only peoples, in the broadest sense of the term to survive unscathed were those where these wars didn’t visit – North and South America. But North and South America were virtual backwaters at the time of these global wars. Hardly worth a second thought until they became engaged.

This Is Not Your Great Grandfather’s World

The USSA (United Socialist States of America) is in fact and deed the Roman Empire of the early 21at Century. The US is presently engaged in over 80 military actions across the globe, most of which obviously never make the nightly news.

As a result the US is the most despised nation on the planet.

I won’t waste time on the how this came to be, but it is a fact.

When the missiles start flying, North America will not be a backwater, it will be a primary target. Aren’t you glad the Military Industrial Complex has assured our unwelcomed interference across the globe?

Genocides or Holocausts

Set aside history for just a moment.

Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Libya – These are recent headlines. What do they all have in common? Democide, or the killing of the populace by their own governments. Do you really believe the USSA won’t turn its awesome military might against its own if the people try to check the lawlessness of the government? Seriously?

Genocide and Holocausts only occur at the whim of the State, or government if you prefer. Reviewing just the last century:

  • Lenin and Stalin starved or exterminated millions in the name of the State;
  • The US starved and relocated to reservations those thousands who survived the Trail Of Tears;
  • Turkey, the former Ottoman Empire murdered or starved millions of Armenians;
  • The Soviets starved millions of Ukrainians who actually produced the bulk of the food for the USSR;
  • Hitler and Nazi Germany… you know;
  • Mao murdered and starved millions of Chinese;
  • Japan – The Rape of Nanking;
  • The Khmer Rouge…

What do these few examples have in common?

Only Governments are capable of Genocide and Holocausts.

Terrorists aren’t the greatest threat. YOUR government is.

The only solace I have is that it will pass.

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One thought on “Only Governments Are Capable of Genocides and Holocausts

  1. for further proof research “Black-Jack” Pershing and the Philippines holocaust! Up to a million Filipinos, men women and children, murdered by the US military.

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