Censorship Is For Idiots

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Your Voice Is Welcome

Your Voice Is Welcome

I’m amazed at the number of sites I comment on that censor my comments.

I’m never rude. I challenge the points of the article or essay based on their merits, or lack there of.

Only when I appear to be on the reasonable, or winning side of the argument are my comments cast into the pits of Hell.

For example; I love iO9, the website (http://io9.com/), but I’ve found that they have a leftest/immature editorial policy.

They also seem to believe that “Science” is the be-all, end-all of reality. Silly rabbits.


When I’ve commented on matters of philosophical import, my comments never get “released” to the public. But when I opine on trivial matters such as entertainment, i.e., True Detective, the HBO show, suddenly I’m a “prophet.”

So for y’all with half a clue know this –

If you comment on my ramblings, I will share your comments.

Censorship is for Idiots.


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