The Tyranny of Citizenship | Exhibit 1- FATCA


Citizens Of All Nations Are Programmed To Believe Citizenship Benefits Them –

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth–

They're Global Now

They’re Global Now

There are over 7,000,000 US citizens living abroad presently and the US government is screwing them and the situation for expats is only going to get worse moving forward. It’s bad enough that such people are taxed twice, once where they live and again by the US, but there are even more required forms to file and the slightest error or omission triggers penalties.

FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is already ruining the lives of US citizens across the globe, by coercing foreign nations and financial institutions to implement laws and financial disclosures of every Tax-Cow not on the reservation. Banks have closed accounts and denied services to US citizens abroad because it isn’t worth the costs of complying with the Evil Empire’s IRS enforcement of FATCA as well as other laws.

These laws were passed to crack down on supposed tax havens of the rich around the world, but let’s face it, there aren’t that many rich expatriates. Most folks living abroad are just getting by with whatever talents they have, just like the folks in the states. And the truly wealthy are generally three steps ahead of any attempt to steal any more of their wealth. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s theirs, not the US government’s.

Taxed Wherever You Go Even If You’re No Longer A Citizen Or Never Were

Up until very recently, the US was the only government that demanded taxes from citizens wherever in the world they lived, but the list of such national tax practices is growing fast as so many nations are insolvent.

There are numerous reports from Canada of Canadian citizens, whose parent(s) are or were US citizens being threatened by taxes in the US because of their parents’ ties to the US. The Isaac Brock Society is a forum for folks running into these kinds of difficulties. Invest half an hour reading articles and comments from the folks bearing the brunt of the Empire’s gluttony and you’ll get an idea of just how tough it can be to avoid the tentacles of this avaricious Kraken. (

Who Exactly Benefits from Citizenship?

Not citizens. Governments do. When was the last time government did anything directly for you without first extracting higher value from you previously or from others?

Waste and Fraud Included

Waste and Fraud Included

If you ever bother to look at a pie chart of the US budget, you’ll see how little actually benefits the citizens. Defense and “All Other” plus Interest account for almost 60% of the budget, and since the government is so good at budgeting and controlling spending the reality is probably much worse. None of these directly benefit the typical citizen.

The US could cut Defense completely for a few years, and there still wouldn’t be another nation that could match the destructive force of the US for quite a while.

Social Programs including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid amount to 43% but these are programs that citizens have already paid for in theory, of course that’s a lie; all those Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid taxes extracted from working folks each week goes directly into the Black Hole of Federal Government. There are no Trust Funds.

Citizenship As A Form of Chattel Slavery

Government Loves Us

Government Loves Us

Growing up in Metro Detroit with grandparents and relatives living across the Detroit river in Windsor, Ontario, Canada there was seldom a weekend when we didn’t cross the imaginary line in the river known as a border. Aside from the modest toll the only questions ever asked by Customs agents was, “Citizenship?” followed by “Do you have anything to declare?” That was it. The biggest hassle crossing the border was usually the traffic on the Ambassador Bridge or in the Detroit Windsor tunnel that winds its way underneath the Detroit River.

It was not uncommon for relatives on either side of the border to spend weeks in either country without having to jump through a single hoop. Everyone Free to come and go as they pleased. That is the hallmark of Free Society. That is what the Statue of Liberty used to represent. It no longer exists in North America. As the US has pushed the propaganda of terrorism to grow the Military Industrial Complex at home it has used every means at its disposal to coerce and force other nations to act as their agents.

The US government believes it owns you, your body, your talents, labors and the fruits of your efforts. Not only does it believe this, it increasing acts on its belief, by interfering in virtually every aspect of our lives, not just in matters of freedom to travel.

Passports are Slave Cards designed to keep us on the Plantation, and when allowed off the Plantation the government makes damn sure that you remain on a leash.


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4 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Citizenship | Exhibit 1- FATCA

  1. Well done and thanks for putting that all together in a very readable package. I miss those days too. We only travelled once to the USA in my childhood and the only stress of that trip was my father’s first experience with a freeway, not the border crossing.

    • Thanks, Em

      A few years before my mother passed, she returned to Windsor for the rest of her days.

      As a single father, my daughter and I used to visit at least twice a month.

      The last time we crossed together, I was pulled aside, harassed and counseled to always keep my divorce and custody papers in the truck to avoid harassment at the border in the future.

      That was three years before 9/11.

      I wouldn’t put myself or my daughter through that experience again. I’d rather be an “illegal.”

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