I Can’t Wait To Be Outta Here!


Anarchists Trump Libertarians Every Time –



Stop Asking For Permission!
Now that I have a few reg’lar readers and a few irreg’lar readers (they’re my favorites) I’m sometimes confronted by my compatriots in the Liberty camp for not supporting all their candidates and issues.

I did that. For three decades I only voted for Libertarian candidates and railed against the machine! It didn’t seem to matter. Ron Paul has moved on and Jr. doesn’t quite live up to his father in my mind. I suspect there’s a Neocon hiding in the good senator that hasn’t quite shown itself.

Justin Amash, now there’s a guy I can and have supported. He actually votes like a Libertarian on every single issue every single time!

It’s Too Little, Too Late

Only a very painful economic reset will make any difference. PAINFUL is the key point. We’ve gone off the rails as a nation. I honestly don’t think it can be repaired. Better to chuck it all, ALL of it in the woods and start anew.

Having spent (and spent is the proper word) countless dollars and countless hours supporting Libertarian candidates and issues over the last thirty years I’m done. Like Rome we need to wait for the Empire to collapse of its own weight then try to recover the Wisdom of the Founding Fathers. They were Anarchists too.

Do You Love Liberty? Then Leave

The Land Of The Free is a wet-dream that dissipated decades ago. It no longer resides in North America. If you truly love Libertas and Justicia and Ma’at, these Goddesses of Liberty, Justice and Universal balance have fled the States. They can be found in SE Asia and South America, not in the States, or the Dominion or Central America. The US has poisoned these waters.

Borders are to keep you in, not others out. You are the source of all government wealth and power. The only way to starve the beasts is to leave. What are you waiting for? You have all you need to escape while you still can.

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