I’m Damaged. So Are You…


I’m a Gnostic Mystic and It Sucks –

Yeah, this is the only logo you'll find on my shirts.

Yeah, this is the only logo you’ll find on my shirts.

My first Mistress, Lady Patra was a Healer. So like it or not, so am I. I cannot turn my back on any living creature  that calls out for healing, especially the spiritual kind.

Last night I encountered a woman online and between the lines of her texts was “help me!”

She’s a friend of a friend in the interweb “cloud,” we are so fond of. So I called her, by cell-phone this afternoon to make sure she was “okay.” She’s fine.

I’m not. I’m just a nekkid monkey with a dream that might actually come true.

This woman has survived over fifty (Five times fuckin’ ten!) surgeries during her incarnation this time around, yet is still able to smile, to jest, to embrace the life available to her.

I can’t compete with her. She is a Goddess.

I’m just a nekkid monkey trying to get his ass to South America.

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