Thank You Anonymous For Priming The Pump!


I Also Prefer To Remain Anonymous When Supporting Others –

Priming The Pump

Priming The Pump

I was taught by a Wise Woman years ago to assist others in any way you are able when assistance is requested, but to do so anonymously if possible. Being able to support or assist others is a blessing that may be transitory, so do what you can, when you can, without drawing attention to the source and without expectation of reward. In most cases I’ve been able to do so.

“Money is an expression of Energy,” she continued the lesson, “It’s an Abundant Universe so don’t be afraid to either help others nor ask for help.” The essence these and other lessons that Lady Patra shared with me are that each of us is a conduit for this energy, it is never ours to hold on to, but to use in ways that bring more Light to Life. All that flows through you will be replaced from the ultimate source.

Someone earned the money by their Labors, Skills, Knowledge or related capabilities. It took effort on their part not only to earn the money, but effort  to donate to The Boot-Strap Expat IndieGoGo campaign (link below). And in keeping with the lessons I learned all those years ago, this person chose to do so Anonymously, thereby declining personal acknowledgement or any of the rewards offered for their donation.

Sometimes Time and Effort Is The Best Energy To Contribute

Luna, A Familiar Friend Rescue

Luna, A Familiar Friend Rescue

I’ve been blessed with an abundance passing through me many times, yet it is transitory in my experience. Sometimes the energy required is my effort, and sometimes my time, skills and efforts are all I have to support others. Money is our accepted proxy for our time, skills and efforts.

Sometimes it is impossible to remain anonymous while assisting others. Some years ago I ran Familiar Friends Black Cat Rescue after learning that most black cats and kittens are often put down immediately when brought to shelters, or languish in cages for months before finding a forever home. If ever.

Over fifty black cats and kittens found loving families including two blind kittens that were pulled from the Detroit River when only weeks old. They didn’t know they were blind, so they ran and jumped and played and climbed and wrestled with the other cats and dogs, almost exactly like the other Familiar Friends.

Every cat we took in received veterinary care, was spayed or neutered, socialized with other cats, dogs and children before going to their forever home. Donations were usually in the form of food and supplies and cash donations only covered about 5% of expenses. The heartfelt love they all shared with my family and I was worth more than all the effort and energy needed to assure their lives.

The Boot-Strap Expat Adventure will require lots of effort on my part, and the efforts and skills of many others to contribute what I cannot personally provide to bring these documentary films, articles and books to you..

Thank You Once Again, Anonymous

Sometimes the pump just needs to be primed.


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