How Oppression Motivates Us And Why Politics Matter


Some Current Expats Don’t Like Why Their Numbers Are Exploding –

When I first began exploring leaving the States to begin a life abroad, I did a lot of research online and tried to connect to folks already living the life I envision for our future. Most of the websites and groups, even on LinkedIn seemed to have something or many things to sell. I don’t necessarily have a problem with sites promoting products and services as long as they also provide some valuable or actionable information. One in particular was 100% Spam day in and day out. I unsubscribed, but the come-ons kept coming until I Black-Listed them.

I did however find a blog for Expats ( that is actually real life expats sharing their experiences with other expats, regardless of Homeland. I don’t post a lot there, but do check in from time to time to see what’s going on and to update them on The Boot-Strap Expat Adventure. After my most recent update one woman replied, “Too political for my tastes,” or something to that affect.  It’s easy to be apolitical when you’re out of harm’s way. For those of us planning to expatriate the oppression of our present political regimes cannot be dismissed as “too” anything. Many of us live in lands that:

  • Have no problem stealing 50% or more of the value of our labors and talents;
  • Producing Official Statistics that don’t even approach the true measure of economic reality;
  • Distract the populace away from what really matters with News Bulletins about some celebrity of no import;
  • Bread and Circuses don’t matter if there is no self-baked bread to go with the Circus.

Wonderful Expats Are Willing To Support Your Dreams and Efforts

Another expat described me as a ” a typical USA guy with a big Ego…” He obviously never clicked on the link to The Boot-Strap Expat adventure before sharing his opinion of someone he has never met. Yet some in the Expat blogosphere defended my back long before I even realized I was stabbed in the back. One gentleman, not only shielded my back but offered grandfatherly words of encouragement, guidance and wisdom. Born in Romania long before the Iron Curtain fell, he dreamed of “Coming to America” as so many used to. He wound up thousands of miles south of the States, but has lived out his years in joy and opportunity. He is the sort of Expat I intend to be. Although he didn’t say so, I suspect that reports of the former Land of the Free not being so Free anymore saddens him. He left oppression in search of Liberty and Opportunity just as I and many tens of thousands dream of doing. The American Experiment has failed, and in record time. It took Rome many centuries to get to this point. It has been argued that Abraham Lincoln drove the largest nail in the Federation of several sovereign states. Perhaps he did. The Federal Reserve, Federal usurpation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the income tax did the rest. Historians may one day look back at the twentieth century and shake their heads at how something so good could have gone so wrong so fast.

The Facts That Are Being Spun As Something else

I wonder why government figure look so much better...

I wonder why government figure look so much better…

Most folks paying any attention at all know that Unemployment in the US isn’t anywhere near 7%. It’s actually been hovering between 23-25% since 2011 (Source for all “real” economic statistics is While Adult Participation in the workforce is worse than it has been since Nixon left office.

“Real Inflation” has been running at between 4-7% percent, not what the government propaganda purports. The 1970s had “Stagflation.” A stagnant economy coupled with outrageous inflation. Which is why the government changed how inflation is calculated. It’s easier to get elected if you don’t acknowledge the truth. With interest rates on prime loans near 20%, the only businesses that made any real profits were banks. Notice a pattern?

What we have now is worse. In a Free Market Economy prices should be falling, but QE and other sleight-of-hand tricks by the Federal Reserve and Central Banks have done nothing to improve the economy, just slow down the rate of collapse. That poor woman in Texas who is Brain-Dead with an unborn child within her is a perfect metaphor for the Western Economies. She’s not being allowed to die because government officials won’t allow life to take its course. And the poor child within her would never have a life worthy of the term if the latest reports are correct.

Let them go. While you’re at it, let’s let the Central Banks and Western Nanny States and Police States go as well.

Politics Matter Only If They Affect You Personally – Then It’s Oppression

It's more unpleasant than this might suggest

It’s more unpleasant than this might suggest

For most of my adult life about one half, or less of registered voters in the States have bothered to do so. So almost every “mandate” and every “landslide” elected official has won office by a minority of the minority. Modern Democracy is a sad joke. Not that the USSA was ever intended to be a Democracy, but our Public Schools in the States have assured that our children don’t know the difference between a Republic, a Democracy and the Idiocracy that is now in power.

Some folks wonder why I’m heading to the only remaining Real Lands of the Free.

All over the planet the Central Planners are being seen for what they are. Look at Greece, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine…

…The people aren’t the problem or the source of their problems! It’s their governments.

When will we rediscover that the very best governments are no governments at all. That is the true meaning of Anarchy.

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