Y’all Are Lucky As Hell


Hell demon by Neraias

Hell demon by Neraias

A wonderful woman just asked me “why” I’m pursuing the Boot-Strap Expat Adventure.  I find it insightful to consider such questions because it took years of introspection for me to come to the decision to expatriate. While I will surely benefit from a move to South America, I’m also a guy with a sense of responsibility. Not in any grandiose way, but in the sense that my life and experiences should better folks at large, and not just my daughter and circle of influence. Here are some quotes from our discussions.

“The reason for the IndieGoGo campaign is to support my ability to share my experience with others. Yet I’m doing that for free now, so if I travel broke, I’ll still share my experiences with the world. Every obstacle I face will be a lesson for others.”

So you, or someone you may never meet will hopefully benefit from my experience. Would I appreciate your support? Absolutely. Will the lack of your support stop me? No.

 “This is the essence of my Bucket List. Seeking greater opportunity and liberty while helping others. What a great way to wrap up my life!”

Whether  or not you support the Boot-Strap Expat Adventure will not determine whether Max, New Moon and I hit the road for South America. We will.

Consider It A Gift

I’ll continue to share our experiences, challenges and obstacles with you whether you support the adventure or not. As much as I hate the NPR/PBS model of support (and Pledge Week), it is what I have to work with. In time that will change and y’all will be able to hold in your hands something of value. Something that enhances your life or the life of someone you love.

The Inspiration For This Essay

In the last week I was contacted by an international media outlet interested in interviewing me about The Boot-Strap Expat Adventure. If all goes as planned, we’ll be recording this interview Super Bowl Sunday (Fuck You, NFL! I’m tired of you hijacking my Birthday!). Since that initial contact, Dawn, one of the Producers of the show has asked quite a few questions that I had failed to ask myself, such as those alluded to above. (You’ll have to wait for the interview for more depth)

I’m the kinda guy that tries to provide $150 worth of value for $100. James Altucher has the same practice. I never want to engage in a transaction where anyone feels like they received less than 100% value. Yesterday, I shipped the last of my bonsai tools to a man in Ohio. These tools cost me (wholesale) over $200.00 twenty years ago. Included in the transaction was a custom-made, wooden toolbox that one of my bonsai students made for me. After shipping I netted about forty bucks. It was a great deal for Jack in Ohio, and I won’t have to lug 16 pounds of tools to South America. Tools that I really no longer have a use for. Jack, like me twenty plus years ago has a passion for bonsai, but has never had any proper bonsai tools. We chatted by phone the other night, and I’m glad Jack will use and appreciate these tools. They were once my treasures, lately they’ve just been stuff.

The Gulf Coast Is Calling

About the same time I discussed The Boot-Strap Expat Adventure with Dawn, the radio producer, my ol’ campin’ buddy from Lincoln county, Mississippi called. We miss each other’s company as we wander around the wilds of this Earth. He told me I was welcome to set a spell in his little spot of the wilds until I was ready to head to South America. So, I’m headin’ South. With or without your support the Boot-Strap Expat Adventure is gonna hit the road in a couple weeks.

Sharing With Y’all

As you’ve surely noticed I share everything I have with everyone I encounter. I had to be taught to do so, I wasn’t a Natural Born Idiot. But I’ve learned that for everything I freely give away, something I need shows up just when I need it. The Cosmos is amazing in this regard. Problems only arise when our desires conflict with one another. That tends to negate the whole desire/intent thang.

The Cosmos Wants You to Have Exactly What You Want!

Did you even know that when you pray, or simply and honestly let the Universe know what your desires are they immediately set-out to make them a reality? I hear there are folks who’ve made millions of dollars sharing this little known fact. Good for them. This bit of treasure was given to me for FREE (one of my favorite words), so I’m giving it to you for the same price.

You can have anything you want. But you cannot have everything you want (this time around). If you want success, in whatever way you envision it, it can be yours. Just let the Cosmos know your heart’s desire. As long as you don’t also want failure in some way (our minds are treacherous creatures) that interferes with your desire for success, the universe will bless you with success.

I want to move to South America and the Cosmos is making my desire a reality.

So pray and meditate with deliberation. Know what you want and what you want less of in your life. The Gods will conspire to give you exactly what you want, so be precise. And be grateful. I am.

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