Sometimes Life is Perfect


Every Moment Is a Gift, and Sometimes I Remember to Share It –

Most of you are familiar with my Anarchist, Fuck You Establishment Self. But that is just one facet of the gem. Each of us has many facets or faces we show the world.

I’m a lover, not a fighter, although I’ve kicked more asses than have kicked mine.

I’ve wept as I’ve carried my dog to the car while he was dying in my arms.
I’ve wept as I’ve gazed into the eyes of my dog when they injected him with the drugs that would put him/her down. (notice a pattern?)

I’ve been floored by my mother coming out of a drug-induced coma to beg my forgiveness before she died. Forgiveness was not required and acknowledging this reality was all she needed to pass beyond the veils.

You Are Love

Over a decade ago, I studied under a Mistress, Lady Patra. She suffered from a chronic condition known as RSD if I remember correctly. Essentially, her limbs no longer followed her direction without providing her with outrageous amounts of pain. Pain is not encouraged. With the assistance of some Wise Women she was able to heal and is symptom free.

Lady Patra was one of the Wise Women of the Church I took my daughter to after she had been polluted by those who think that loving fathers go to Hell if they don’t believe in that Jesus Feller, or the bullshit spread in his name.

Lady Patra and the other wise women took me into a room behind the pulpit after Sunday Services and healed my body. No shit. I didn’t believe it at the time and I wouldn’t condemn anyone who doubted this reality. But every word is true. I don’t understand it. Don’t pretend to. But I accept it. You cannot deny your own experience.

Over the next year or so, Lady Patra educated me about the nature of the Cosmos and our place in it. The most profound lesson she ever shared was “You Are Love.” She didn’t share this wisdom with me. She shared it with my daughter who was about nine years old at the time. But the lesson was for me as much as my daughter.

Give Freely – It’s an Abundant Universe

During my time as Lady Patra’s disciple, I was dirt poor. My daughter and I were living in tents and I had been UnEnjoyed for over a year. Most days I had less than a few bucks in my pocket. Lady Patra taught me that anyone that ever requests help is worthy of help. Don’t analyze the situation, just give whatever you can  when asked. Living in Detroit there were plenty of “beggers, bums and dope-fiends” with their hands out everywhere I went.

I learned to give what I could without judgment, without considering what might become of my chump-change, and I was blessed with obtaining everything I could possibly need.

Wants Are Not Needs

I want a hot, hard-bodied vixen to fuck me ’til I pass out. I don’t need any such thing. I need to wake up each day, acknowledge how blessed I am to do so and get on with my life.

Tonight I’m broke but creative and acknowledge that the Cosmos is wiser and more powerful than myself.

This afternoon I ran up to the Tobacco shop to pick up a pound of tobacco, a couple boxes of tubes and a couple packs of Swisher Sweets filtered cigars.

As I was pulling my fiat currency out of my pocket, a Walking Liberty Half Dollar fell to the floor and rolled toward a young lady to my right. I didn’t know her and never will. As I picked up the Walking Liberty coin I said, “this must be meant for you,” and handed it to the young lady. “I’ll keep it as a lucky charm,” she replied. Perfect.

Sometimes life is just Perfect.

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