Do You Believe In Ghosts? Demons? Angels? How About Nations and Governments?


Are Ghosts, Demons, Angels and Nations Real or Fictions and Illusions? –

Source: HarryPotterWiki

Source: HarryPotterWiki

How you answer these questions says a lot about your critical thinking skills, premises and how effective indoctrination and propaganda has been on you.

Let’s first establish what is meant by Real. There are experiences that only we have and are unable to share directly with others such as our emotions and thoughts. Let’s consider these to be Subjective, yet Real to an individual. I can tell you that I love you, and can demonstrate that love, but I cannot share it with you directly. I cannot prove that I love you, nor can you prove that I don’t. Each of us has a very real, subjective, emotional and intellectual life.

There are also experiences that we can almost universally agree upon based on our individual experiences and which are shared with others. If I say that “my mug is empty,” a simple glace by you or any other sighted person can affirm that indeed, my mug is empty. (I’ll tend to my empty mug while you consider the foregoing)

Fiery Angel by Zastavki

Fiery Angel by Zastavki

Now let’s take a close look at the questions in the title of this essay above. Are ghosts, demons and angels real? There are folks that claim to have direct experience of ghosts, demons and angels. For these individuals these entities are absolutely real based on their experience, but like love for another it is subjective and the certainty born of their experiences cannot be shared with others, nor can it be denied by others who did not share in the experience. Thus it would be correct to say that ghosts, demons and angels do in fact exist in the subjective experience of some folks. However these entities cannot be confirmed by those without the experience. Others may Believe that ghosts, demons and angels exist in the absence of any objective evidence, but belief does not equal knowledge. Once again we are speaking of Gnosis, or experiential knowledge.

Believers accept that something exists even if there is no objective or mutually experiential evidence for this something’s existence. Nonbelievers simply conduct themselves with experience based observations that this something does not in fact exist. So ghosts, demons and angels may or may not exist, but that doesn’t change the reality that their existence can only be confirmed by personal, subjective experience.

Are Nations and Governments Real or Fictions and Illusions?

Question Your Premises

Question Your Premises

What about Nations and Governments? Do they exist subjectively or objectively? If I ask you to prove that a nation exists, are you able to prove it? I’m presently in North America which is the name given to something that actually exists, a continental land mass that each of us can experience directly by our senses. Since everyone on the planet is able to experience the continent directly it objectively exists.

Now prove the existence of Canada and its Provinces; the United States and its supposedly sovereign States, the borders between them and then prove that their governments exist objectively. Borders are imaginary lines on the ground. Nations are fictional entities within those imaginary lines on the ground and governments are fictional entities created on paper and agreed to or disputed by communities of individuals. It is impossible to prove objectively that any of these things exist. Border crossings don’t prove the existence of imaginary lines on the ground. Armed Forces are individual human beings under the umbrella of the fictional nations and governments. And none of these fictions are permanent or have any authority in fact, just in fiction. Don’t believe me? Check this map of the rise and fall of fictional nations and governments over time.

History in 10 minutes- Europe Middle East from 1000 AD to the 2000 AD, Ever Changing Borders

Suspension of Disbelief and Agreed Upon Fictions

Magick is Real in my personal experience

Magick is Real in my personal experience

Nations, governments and borders are agreed upon fictions, until they are no longer agreed upon. Who benefits from these Agreed Upon Fictions? Primarily those who wield imaginary power in the imaginary nation, state or government. Most citizens of these fictional entities live their lives without giving much thought to the nature of such abstractions, until these fictions begin to negatively impact the citizen(s) personally. Every Nation, State and Government is an Agreed Upon Fiction that requires the Suspension of Disbelief.

Suspension of Disbelief allows for some wonderful personally subjective experiences. Experiencing a film in a darkened theater allows us to temporarily suspend disbelief so we can immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds created for our entertainment. The objective reality is that we are viewing colored lights and shadows on a wall while synchronized, synthetic sounds are piped into the auditorium. If the creative team did a good job you temporarily believe you are witness to actual events whether they are pure fiction or based on someone’s subjective view of supposedly actual events.

Suspension of Disbelief and Agreed Upon Fictions are required and sometimes demanded in order to accept the illusions of Nations, States and Governments.

The Illusion of Citizenship – “Let me see your papers!”

With the rise of ever more demanding governments in the world citizenship and residency has become a real issue for some folks. For some this is a life or death situation, such as the mentally disabled young Canadian man, who was born in Canada to US parents. Why is his situation dire? Because the US government considers him a US citizen as well and is demanding that his parents pay exorbitant taxes on the savings they’ve set aside to care for their son, even though he has never been a resident of the US. And since the young man is mentally disabled, he is unable to renounce his US citizenship to the satisfaction of the fictitious government in the fictitious District of Columbia.

Has anyone else recognized or contemplated the ridiculousness of this situation?

In most of the Constitutions of the Western and democratic nations is some recognition of basic Human Rights, one of which is ownership of one’s person and the right to travel freely regardless of the accidental (to the individual) location of one’s birth. Every argument pro and con regarding these issues begin with the premise that “Fictional” entities and imaginary lines on the ground have the authority to undermine or negate our Natural Rights as Individuals.

What is citizenship?

What Fiction Do You Belong to?

Slave Card?

In the broadest sense it is a nation’s claim of ownership of individuals. It’s not a Passport, it’s a “Slave Card,” to use Jeff Berwick’s term, and it can be denied or revoked by bureaucrats of the fictional entity known as the government or state, which is subject to change at any time with or without the approval of the tax-cows that feed these fictional entities.

Yet over generations we have allowed the un-elected to trample Natural Rights.

How is citizenship determined? Here’s my real life example:

– I was born in the States to Canadian parents, I’m thereby a US citizen by the accidental location of my birth, and can establish Canadian citizenship based upon my parents’.

– My paternal grandfather was a Pole who settled in Canada, thereby granting me the ability to establish Polish citizenship based on my heritage.

– My maternal grandfather was 100% Ojibwe of the First Nations, which means I could establish quasi-citizenship of the First Nations of North America.

– My maternal grandmother was of Irish and French Canadian heritage, which allows me to establish Irish citizenship.

– My paternal grandmother was born in Canada to Ukrainian parents. I don’t believe Ukraine offers citizenship based on heritage.

With so many options of citizenship open to this single individual the question arises, “how does citizenship in any of these fictional entities benefit me?” For the most part they don’t. They merely allow non-real or artificial entities to claim ownership and authority over me.

While we fight over where to place the deck chairs on our personal Titanic, the smart folks are already rowing for safety in the lifeboats that for the time being are still available. This will change. FATCA is just one of many Capital Controls being brought to bear against tax-cows in the foundering nations of the west. In Spain it’s almost impossible to move YOUR money out of the country, and the States have already begun limiting the ability of tax-slaves, I mean citizens, from moving their assets out of the country.

The ships of the so-called developed west are sinking and wanting to take all of us with them. Perhaps it’s time we recognized the brilliance of our ancestors who took themselves out of harm’s way.

Perhaps it is time we stopped suspending disbelief and stopped agreeing on fictions.

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8 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Ghosts? Demons? Angels? How About Nations and Governments?

  1. HI, I have found your site a few weeks ago and read all your articles. Like it and agree. I think I saw your post on Caseys site. Only question I got here is this. It seems like your implying that cause your not recognizing the fictions ( but the people that are in power do. ) are you just going to try and waltz into the other countries without any passport? I mean HOW are you going to cross the boarder and make the guards agree with you and let you in? What if they won’t? I understand what your saying and all, and I agree its all a big illusion but the horrible problem is 99% believing it. I can see this might be ok for one guy to try this but I cannot imagine what troubles would come if I tried it with the wife and kids who are under 12 I think I could get in some serious binds. So, Perhaps in a future article can you speak more about this? And moving to Chile I am assuming you speak Spanish really well? What are you going to do there when you get there? Are you planing on living there forever? and never coming back stateside? Thanks. looking forward to reading more of your posts. Great job by the way.

    • Great Questions RobinHood!
      Personally, I’ve walked across, boated across and driven across US imaginary lines on the ground many times. Ideally, if I were more of an activist I’d love to stage an event along the US/Mexican and US/Canadian imaginary lines on the ground where thousands of folks walk past the very real guards along the imaginary lines on the ground, greet each other warmly, then proceed into the fictional Nation of their choice without even acknowledging the Monkeys in their Official uniforms of fictional authority. But I’m not an activist, I’m just a guy. Maybe someone else will run with this idea.

      I do in fact have a Slave Card (Passport) that I renewed a few years ago for business purposes, however as I do not recognize the authority of any fictional entities to impede my travels, I have no problem going around them, or like my Mexican brothers and sisters of yore, creating or acquiring the necessary documents. I live in a state that demands that I have “proof” of auto insurance to renew my tabs or register a vehicle. I have a computer and a printer that provide such “proof” whenever I need it. I also have friends in New Hampshire, a fiction that has no totalitarian/crony capitalist requirement for auto insurance and have considered asking one of them to allow me to use their address as my own (since I have no “Permanent Address.” Who does?) so that I can renew my registration without the need for mandated purchase of services I neither want, nor need.

      Having a family is certainly a tempering situation. In my case, I’ve been “married often, but not anymore,” and my daughter will be 22 in a few months and is already self-sufficient. If she were younger she would be a hostage to my decisions as all children are and I would take the same care of her liberty as I do with my own. I’m not a self-destructive man, nor do I have some type of Martyr complex like many activists seem to.

      I took two years of Spanish in Jr. High, forty years ago, so my español is very basic. I have a translator app on my phone and have been practicing español via, which is a wonderful, free, online language tutor. I also have been building a hard-copy reference of Spanish questions and answers I expect to encounter when dealing with the costumed, I mean uniformed folks I’m likely to encounter.

      After exploring South America a bit, I expect that I will ultimately settle in a temperate region like Patagonia and build a cabin where I can assure self-sufficiency. Will I return to the USSA? Not likely. How many folks do you know that have a need to cross imaginary lines on the ground often? I also expect that when TSHTF, all such crossings will be illegal for a spell at least.

      What am I going to do when I get there? Beats me! I’ve always been like a kid in a candy store; I can do just about anything I choose to do with and without success. But I will get by until the Earth draws me into her bosom once again.

  2. OK. Well. as far as the insurance thing goes. I did that with New Hampshire a long time ago. You can just rent a UPS store box and make that your “home” address, get a D.L. there and register so no insurance needed and have the UPS store mail your mail to you whenever you get it. It works I did that for years. Insurance is a major scam. Reading a bunch of various websites over the years though, they say that speaking spanish will be immensely helpful, but no problem, you will pick it up great in time as you will have to. lol . Now if your not coming back what about the daughter? I mean mine is 11 now and I can’t imagine not getting to see her or be apart of her life when she hits the 20’s. Yours is 22 so aren’t you going to be missing her bad? She going to fly down and see you sometimes I hope? OK and re the uniformed border guys who are just doing their jobs of course for fiat money cause they need it. What if they throw you back over the other side and say no! you cant come in without the right whatever. visa, papers whatever. Any way I love reading your blog man. You sure got some wild stories and I am sure your going to have some more as time goes on. As for the cabin thing. I guess you probably already know but just in case not. There is some stuff on youtube about that like and others that people build on the cheap and pretty nice too! and just live so easy. Farming and raising chickens will probably help a lot I guess. Oh, have you ever thought about the idea of living on a sailboat? I toyed with the idea once myself cause it seems cool to just sail in wherever you want to go. But again wife, kids, always makes it harder. That and I am scared chitless of the water and the sharks. lol. Ok. looking forward to your reply (if any) and your next articles! Best of luck to you on it all.

  3. You’ve captured much of my situation well.

    With regard to my daughter, the only thing I can do is prepare a place for her and her loved-ones to land should the need arise. Trust me, if my daughter needed me to go “Rambo” to get her out of harm’s way it would happen.

    My parents divorced before I was ten years old. I didn’t have any contact with my mother from 1970 until my daughter was born in 1992. We re-established a loving relationship until she passed beyond the veils in 1998. Twenty plus years is a long time to go without a mom, but forever is longer. I’m grateful for the few years we were able to bridge the illusion of time.

    I expect that in time my daughter (who is gay BTW) will join me in South America and create a new life for herself just as I will.

    Should the Nekkid Monkeys in Costumes toss me back into the states, or any other fiction I will go around them. They aren’t very bright, while desire is brilliant. As I stated previously, if I need a “document” I will create or acquire one as needed.

    Tiny houses are great for tiny critters, but honestly, I’ve lived in homes with over 2000 square feet of living space, apartments no larger than 500 square feet, and tents just large enough to keep the vipers out. The size of my abode doesn’t matter. My sense of Liberty, of Free Will is the true measure of my home.

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and still find sharks amazing and maligned wonders. I must confess I prefer them planked with drawn butter rather than fried with cocktail sauce. There’s room for all of The Gods’ Creatures next to the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

  4. your right. Liberty and freedom are the number one most important things. I keep reminding myself that as I bide my time till the final straw breaks my camel back and I leave in disgust. 95 % there. Funny I just was thinking to the motto on New Hampshires license plates. “live free or die” and I think very few americans are feeling that way right now ( at least the ones I run into ). They are so content with the way things are and I am sitting here thinking perhaps I am the one messed up. lol. no one else seems to see whats going on except for a few folk I see on the internet. But key word is few. If I ever make it to Chile I would love to buy you dinner and hang out with you for an hour or two. I think when I finally snap its going to be panama or Belize for a bit just break the family in a bit slowly at first. When you heading out?

    • While I endorse the Free State Project and all they represent, I fear it is far too little and far too late. That’s the only reason I haven’t joined my friends there. When the whip comes down, NH will be one of it’s first targets.

      I’d be happy to whip you up an awesome meal if we ever get together – Not only do I love to cook, but I haven’t met anyone who can cook as well – so if you’re feeling generous, kick in a buck, or whatever IndieGoGo demands as a minimum contribution and if we don’t ever break bread together I’ll plan on shipping you something delicious I discover on the way.

  5. I think ( -I- meaning this body, -think- as something in my imagination), that a wider panorama surrounds us. It’s not about having a passport and cross-bordering easily.

    It’s about those things each individual believe as true. Each individual valid them, or has been educated to make them valid. Like making a dog jump.

    This includes: religion, language, politics, mass media, sports, success, education, and the one making them all worthy, Money through the means of debt.

    Play Monopoly and realize. Be the bank, be a wealthy player, be the last to enter the game.

    “If you owe the bank one hundred thousands, the bank owns you.
    If you owe the bank one million. You own the bank.”
    -American Proberb-

    So then work and be exploited,
    Pay taxes (tribute) to those ruling your head.
    They give you the money, they set the place where to trade. Next step is buy. “Buy, buy, buy”.

    Indeed, a slave.
    Sarcasm? Fiction? It depends all on believes.

    This time, I was born in Earth, in this universe, and in the most fascinating of anything, I was born among all of the unknown.

    Blogger, I’d like to translate your article. Make me know if I shall spread your name, or your ideas.

    • My goodness…
      …There’s a who lotta wisdom in your comment.

      We’re all just flickers of light in the dark and windy night.

      Money has value, currencies are debt instruments. Sarcasm has value. Fiction/Mythology is full of eternal truths. Beliefs are our own.

      I may have been born into slavery, but refuse to live as a slave. Tribute, passports, etc., are impediments to be gone around. I expect I’ll ruffle more than a few feathers as I trek from North America to South America.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feel free to translate and share anything you find here.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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