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Bug Out Bags of the Deludinnati! –

Grab a Bug-Out Bag and starve like the idiot you are.

Grab a Bug-Out Bag and starve like the idiot you are.

I recently read that some Wall Street types have suggested Bug-Out Bags to their audience via one of the Lame Street Media outlets. I should have jotted down where I read about it and the collectivist media outlet that broadcast the recommendation, but I was too busy laughing at the idiocracy of the entire notion. Unless the targeted audience members each have a corporate or personal helicopter at their disposal, I’m sorry about your luck, but you ain’t gettin’ outta the Big Apple when TSHTF (The Shit Hits the Fan). You don’t need a Bug-Out Bag, you need a clue. I suggest a 90 day supply of Ramen, Tobacco and Beer for you and your family as you cower in your Manhattan Co-op while refusing to get near the door lest the rabble discover your presence. Ramen, Tobacco and Beer, Oh My! Yes, these are the staples that will save your ass. Ramen will feed you, Beer will keep you safely hydrated while providing additional nutritional value and tobacco will be worth more than the gold coins in your wall safe for a spell. Maybe quite a spell, so stock up, especially if you don’t smoke, it may be the only currency you have to barter with since NYC has already made guns and ammo virtually impossible to acquire.

You know Survivalism has gone beyond mainstream, when the folks who’ve forgotten how to boil an egg because they have “people who do that for them” start talking about Bug-Out Bags. Even real survivalists are likely to shelter in place for a considerable time even if they have a hidden fortress in the hills because the most dangerous times to be out and about is the first three weeks after TSHTF. It’ll take that long for Darwin to sort out the really stupid from the generally stupid, and at least a month longer to eliminate the generally stupid from the moderately stupid.

The American Redoubt

Good Luck with that...

Good Luck with that…

I also recently commented on an article about folks moving from the population centers of the USSA to the American Redoubt. The American Redoubt is a geographic area of the USSA that has been selected for Survivalists to migrate to before TSHTF. Why? Because the rural areas of North America are the only places one can reasonably expect to survive when TSHTF, and possibly thrive afterwards. The primary problem with this strategy is that it concentrates the most capable survivalists in a relatively small area that TPTB (The Powers That Be) would consider to be a Bulls-Eye. If there is a conflict with government authorities or the military, it’s far easier to take out a single big target than millions of little targets. How did the 3-5% of colonists that actually participated in hostilities during the War of Secession (American Revolution) win? Guerilla tactics, one of which is never concentrate your forces into an easily managed target. The Afghanis have defeated both the USSR and the USSA by following the strategies and tactics of our Founding Fathers. It works.

Although I agreed with much of what Brandon (The author of the Survivalist article*) had to say about survivalism in general, I could not bring myself to buy into the American Redoubt strategy. Here is the comment I posted to the article:

I concur with every point you make, Brandon, with one exception – The safety of the American Redoubt, or any such enclave within the borders of the States. As the Roman Empire began to implode the State began consuming their own, only those with access or means to gain access to the borders of the empire were able to save themselves. As I understand it, akin to events in the USSA today, the Smart Money can’t give up their residency and citizenship fast enough. Why? Because there are no safe harbors within the contiguous 48 states. The Police State has metastasized at all levels with only a relative handful of county Sheriffs willing to push back against Leviathan.

Before the borders are closed (do you really think they are meant to keep others out?) your best bet is to leave. No sense in being a dead survivalist, or a FEMA camp survivalist. The world is full of nations that still have more liberty than the former Land of the Free, and these lands will never aspire to becoming empires. They welcome the “productive class” of small businesses and small farms and even homesteaders. Some of these nations have almost no government debt.

We, as survivalists may not be able to save ourselves, let alone the clueless in a worst case scenario. Retreating to any interior of the States is a delaying tactic at best. Better to get out. My Grandfather and father both left the lands of their birth to survive and thrive. Those that remained behind were starved out or died in camps. Will it be any different this time around?

*As soon as I can locate the article, I’ll add a link to this essay. ~ A7

The Boot-Strap Expat Is Not Your Typical Survivalist

Alone in the Wilderness 02

This is my idea of Heaven on Earth

While I’ve survived and thrived living in the wilds for over a year on little or no income, I’m not the type of Prepper or Survivalist you see on TV. I’m not stocking a year’s worth of food and water. I’m not building a defensible compound in the boonies. I’m not hoarding ammo because I’ve only fired my rifle a half dozen times in the last decade, including the ten months I lived in the wilds of the National Forests. My 500 rounds could last almost a century if past is prologue. My experiences in the wilds as well as my experiences in the concrete jungles have prepared me for getting by should TSHTF before I knock the dust of the USSA from my boots and begin building a cabin somewhere in South America. I know I have the soft skills, the hard skills and most of the tools I need to thrive. My primary strategy between now and when situations may become dire is to be mobile. Once Max, New Moon and I hit the road it’ll be a Catch Me If You Can tactic until I discover that place in the forest by a stream to lay down roots that will nourish me the rest of my days.

Dick Proenneke is one of my few heroes.

Dick Proenneke is one of my few heroes.

Dick Proenneke, is one of my few heroes. Alone in the Wilderness is the film that he created about his solitary homesteading in the Alaskan wilderness. Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon this wonderful film during Pledge Week for a PBS television station. I’ve watched it countless times, learning something new each and every time. (to learn more about Dick see Though I had no intention of building a log cabin in the wilds of Louisiana, I learned firsthand a lesson you will not find in the books or films about Proenneke, and that is you will not go unmolested by the Police State. Proenneke began his adventure in his mid-fifties as I recall and lived most of the rest of his days in the Alaskan wilderness. When he could no longer survive this rustic existence, so the story goes, his homestead was “donated” to the government as some sort of historical marker. Although I have no knowledge that this is indeed the case, I suspect that Dick was forced off his land by the Federales for having balls big enough to not only reclaim his innate Liberty, but to share with the world that you and I could do the same.

South America? What Happened to Galt’s Gulch?

New York City - Yeah it smells like this.

New York City – Yeah it smells like this.

If you’ve spent time perusing the Boot-Strap Expat articles and essays, you know that my original goal was Galt’s Gulch, a libertarian community being developed by Jeff Berwick and the folks at The Dollar Vigilante. (links: and While Galt’s Gulch remains my initial target, I’m not sure it is the kind of place for this Tree Hugging Dirt Worshipper. I’m a Nature Boy, always have been. I absolutely hate large cities, especially NYC that smells worse than my cat’s litter box, and suburban environs are only slightly more palatable for me personally.

So although I still plan to hang out at Galt’s Gulch for a spell, I’m not sure it’s the place for me to spend the rest of my days. I admire absolutely everything that Jeff and the Gulch team are doing to assure it’s a success and prime destination for Liberty-Minded folks, but I’m just a Reg’lar Joe. I grew up in a semi wealthy family, and have lived in semi-wealthy communities, but I prefer Reg’lar Folks and Nature far more than gated communities, Home Owners Associations, manicured lawns and Cement Ponds (How’s that for a Beverly Hillbillies reference?)

Cement Pond

Cement Pond

I’d rather reach behind my back blind with a tweezers to remove a tick from the small of my back than remove a dandelion from the crack of my driveway. I’ve always liked dandelions, for their natural beauty as well as their contribution to salads when I’m in the wilds.

I may fall in love with Galt’s Gulch, their organic citrus orchards and liberty community. Yet I suspect that after visiting and documenting my explorations of many Expat communities in Central and South America, I will ultimately discover a quiet vale protected by forests with a stream leading to a clear water lake. A location with at least three seasons instead of the monotony of a Mediterranean climate. A place where I can fish, hunt and farm without seeking the permission of any bureaucrat. A place to build my cabin and write about how it was possible to get out of the way before TSHTF.

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