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Yeah, getting some of y'all to 'fess up is like this.

Yeah, getting some of y’all to ‘fess up is like this.

You may think that I’ve been away from the keyboard too long since my last essay, but I assure you I have been writing. The reason for my recent absence is that I’ve submitted an article to the Daily Anarchist (http://dailyanarchist.com/) and am waiting to hear from the editor if it has been accepted for publication. If the article is accepted I am restricted from sharing it here, but will post links to it so you can check it out. If it’s rejected, you’ll find it here soon enough.

Reviewing Visits, Views and Shares

I never know what topics are gonna strike a chord with y’all. Although I invited you to tell me what types of essays you’d like more of, the response was less than inspiring. Thank Gods WordPress provides statistics so I can review and analyze what lights you up, and I was a bit surprised by what I’ve discovered. I expected that some of my lighter fare such as Real Food For Real Life would be high on the list because of the more general nature of the articles and recipes. I was wrong. Over the last four months with thousands of reads, the top essays I’ve published are:

Why I am Leaving the United States – Part One
Why I am Leaving the United States – Part Two
Growing Up in a Police State – Why I am Leaving the United States – Part Three
Why I’m Leaving the US & Planning My Exodus to Chile
Shit Happens – A Status Update
Essential Equipment and Supplies for a 13,000 Mile Rustic Road-Trip
I Didn’t Know I Was An Anarchist Until I Learned What the Word Meant
The Only Guarantee In Life Is Death And There Is No Death
Adventure Planning and Budgeting – 13,200 Miles to Santiago!
Liquidating Assets – It’s just Stuff!
Welcome to Real Food for Real Life

Welcome to Real Food for Real Life

And it should be noted that I Didn’t Know I was An Anarchist Until I Learned What the Word Meant is my latest installment yet it ranks 7th and continues to climb the rankings. So now I know what y’all want – more Anarchy and reasons to expatriate. I’m happy to oblige. I presently have nineteen articles and essays queued related to Anarchy, Liberty, Expatriation and such.

I’ll still bore some of you with Real Food for Real Life, articles about my K9 teammates, equipment, preparation and experiences, but I’ll do my best to be sure I keep your attention.

Thank You All…

…for pullin’ up a chair and sharing a beer with me as I continue to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. I appreciate your support. I love the comments and messages from y’all. I hope you continue to value our fireside chats, even if I have to pretend there’s a fire-pit next to my desk and stars overhead until Max, New Moon and I actually hit the road.

And thanks to those of you who have checked out the Boot-Strap Expat IndieGoGo campaign. If you like what you find here, do me a favor and kick in a buck. No need to be extravagant, but since this is my first funding campaign, even a buck would confirm that you appreciate what this Wildman has been sharing with the world.

Please Forgive Me

I apologize for not contacting some of you personally. I’m still a Noob when it comes to WordPress, and just discovered yesterday(!) that some of  you requested a personal email from me. I plead ignorance and hope y’all will laugh at the Yankee stumblin’ around in the dark of the interwebs.

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2 thoughts on “What You Want • The Topics That Matter Most

  1. Hello

    You started with interesting insights about why you were leaving the US and the way that you planned your trip to the Promised Land was also of interest. I read all of this some time ago. Have not notices anything of interest since. I think you veered of in certain areas which are not of real interest to me so that is why I stopped reading. Every time you promote yourself on Casey I make sure to check your updates…

    Good luck and please tell us more about your experiences with people on the way down and even the issues that you are going to face when you are establishing yourself in your new homeland.

    Don’t forget that there is a wealth of material on buying land, establishing residence, opening bank accounts, relating with Chileans etc etc on the net. Not everything is positive. A lot is.

    Good luck!

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