The Boot-Strap Expat Is Taking Requests! Tell Me What You Want More of.


I've been known to do this!

I’ve been known to do this!

Over the last few months I’ve endeavored to share the goals, experiences, insights and challenges for potential Boot-Strap Expats. We covered all kinds of topics; from Expat motivations, planning, liquidating assets, my K9 Masters, essential gear, original art and Real Food for Real Life. But what do you want more of as we move forward with this adventure? Let me know in the comments or send me an email directly.

Below is the list of article ideas I’ve been working from, but feel free to suggest your own! Keep in mind that just because a topic has been covered, and scratched off the list doesn’t mean we can’t revisit the topic or delve deeper.

Article Ideas


  • Liquidating mundane assets such as artwork, antiques, collectibles and the dross of life in the USSA,
    • Gibraltar Trade Center (Liquidating Assets) Post Mortem,
    • The details of all aspects of Preparation for the adventure,
    • Planned interviews with liberty-minded expats along the way,
    • The challenges of securing your travel documents without the assistance of specialty experts,
    • Articles and videos (Note I haven’t acquired a video recorder yet)
      •  related to essential equipment,
      • support provided by sponsors,
      • o   Dealing with setbacks during pre-launch
      • Numerous Human Interest articles and videos related to the above and of course the adventure itself and the interesting characters and locations along the way,
        • The Ballad of Max and New Moon
        • Articles and videos about Max and New Moon for the animal lovers out there,
        • The people, cultures and foods discovered along the way,
        • Survival related articles and videos that capture the challenges of life on the road and living in a tent along the way,

          Honey! It's for you!

          Honey! It’s for you!

        • How to monetize your blog and video media, etc.
        • •        Coming attractions
        • •        Artwork as rewards for sponsorship
        • Real Food for Real Life
          • o   Introduction
          • Essential Equipment
            • §  Cast Iron
            • Tools
  • Road Food
    Meudcat Filets for Days!

    Mudcat Filets for Days!

    • Jerky – Your own is best and cheapest
    • Hunter’s Sausage
    • K9 Vittles
    • Squirrel
    • Catfish
    • Deer
    • §  Wild Turkey
  • Rest Stop Recipes
  • Smoker Recipes
  • Open Fire Cooking
  • Baking in a Dutch Oven
  • A Mobile Pantry
  • Surviving in captivity – Sheriff Arpaio wouldn’t let me keep my pink boxers as a souvenir!
  • Only Thieves Fear Theft
  • Failure to Launch – Review of challenges to date
  • You are what you admire
  • Unnecessary Losses – Theft
  • Higher Education Myths and Realities
  • Diana Campaña (Campaign Target – for Latin America) – Note: This is a data mining system I’ve helped to develop and hope to launch in South America
  • Mysticism, Heresy, Spirituality and Religion
  • To all the Whack-Jobs I’ve Loved Before
  • America No Longer Believe in the American Dream (
  • Necessary Losses; Mistakes Were Made. Here are a Few…

    I don't stop at "imaginary lines" on the ground.

    I don’t stop at “imaginary lines” on the ground.

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