Sponsorship: Not As Simple As It Appears


george_carlin_stuff 03I’ve been a slacker over the last month or so. I hate asking for assistance. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but even when I have been ground into the dirt, asking for help has always been the last thing I would consider.  In 1989, I returned to the Great Lakes from California which was not the promised land they claimed to be.  Within a month, I wrecked my truck in an auto accident and wound up walking 15 miles to and from work every day. It sucked and my knees didn’t appreciate the exercise. I finally shared my hardship with a woman I knew, and not only did she get me to and from work on time, she got me off a time or two as well!

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a request for blessings (see last sentence above). While I tend to be outrageously self-sufficient, there are times when the support of others is the key to success in life. Consider corporations – it is the faith and support of thousands or millions of individuals pursuing their own self interest that funds the products and services provided to the masses. On this eve of Thanksgiving, the greatest holiday of all, I am thankful for not only the liberty to seek a better life in South America, but for those who support my efforts through the Boot-Strap Expat adventure.

While I’ve been liquidating my assets in the States, I haven’t been very disciplined about seeking sponsors for the documentary film, book and articles planned to capture my experiences as I drive from Michigan to Chile. I have a dear friend and mentor who now lives in Columbia who can’t wait for me to visit, but most of the folks who love me actually hate the notion that I plan to move nations and time zones away. Did you know that Chile is actually further East than Detroit? I didn’t until I checked the time-zones.

Although I’ve identified over 50 possible sponsors of the Boot-Strap Expat adventure, I’ve only contacted two directly (yeah, I suck at this) – Galt’s Gulch in Chile and America Movil (AT&T inked a deal with them last month for mobile cell phone and internet services). I’ve not received a response from either to my dismay. As a long time subscriber to The Dollar Vigilante and AT&T, I thought I would at least receive a rejection email from them.

Here is the list of potential sponsors I’ve created over the last few months. If you have any contacts within these companies that could get my proverbial foot in the door, please contact me directly. Thank you for your interest and support.

American Spectator
AT&T America Movil
Backdoor Survival
Baker’s Green Acres
Ben Swann
Brita Water Filter
Capitalist Exploits
Casey Research
Charter One
Daily Anarchist
Daily Sheeple
Detroit News
EnTel (Mobile en Chile)
Ford Motor
Fox News
Galt’s gulch
Galt’s gulch
Gander Mountain
Go Pro
How To Vanish
I Love Chile
International Man
KataDyn Water Filters
Laissez Faire Books
Lew Rockwell
Life Hacker
Mises Insitute
Ol’ Roy
Peter Schiff
Russia Today
Solar Chargers
Sovereign Investor
Sovereign Man
Stansberry & Associates
Star Price
Tactical Intelligence
The Dollar Vigilante
The Dollar Vigilante
The Guardian
Woods, Tom

Please consider being a Sponsor for this adventure. If you have suggestions for Sponsors, please feel free to share them and their contact information dierectly

To support my efforts directly, donations through PayPal can be made to: alex.z@consultant.com


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