The Only Guarantee In Life Is Death And There Is No Death


The Only Guarantee In Life Is Death And There Is No Death

Time for some philosophy, but first some background. Philosophia literally means “Love of Sophia,” the ancient Goddess of Wisdom. We monkeys (you and I, whether you accept this fact or not), both nekkid[i] and clothed have been living and dying on this rock for at least 200 millennia.  For most of this time, we’ve been content to live in accordance with the Laws of Nature. The word “Nature” comes from the ancient Egyptian word translated phonetically as Netcheru, which means the Gods, or all of divine and blessed existence – all that exists, including what we call Nature. Why the background? Because on one level, we’re all worm food; mummification and formaldehyde may slow the process, but in the end we’re all food.

This fact scares the shit out of most people. They don’t want to die, they don’t want to be consumed, they don’t want to rot in the Earth, their true mother – they prefer the fairytales of the major exoteric religions that attempt to rule the world – You know them – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What do they have in common?  The same “God,” and a common heritage. Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh (Yah-Weh or Jehovah to some), Allah, Allahu (Allahu means Unity) to others. The other major religious traditions of the world are generally not imperialistic; just the Big Three are. Judaism, Christianity and Islam ALL share the same God – however they may speak or not of him. It should be noted that in Jewish tradition the name of God is never spoken. To do so is to invoke or control God.

Death is Your Illusion, Not Mine

I was born with a heart defect in 1960, and underwent experimental open-heart surgery at the ripe old age of three.  Not many of us survived. As far as I know, I’m the only heart surgery patient with a lateral rather than perpendicular scar post survival. After my heart surgery I had an incision beyond armpit to armpit, while most survivors have a vertical scar or hotdog-on-stick scar.  Why? Because the guys that cut me didn’t have a clue what the fuck they were doing! In fact, the lead surgeon on my case committed suicide – too many dead babies in the morgue. I bless, pity and mourn him. Ignorance is not a sin.[ii]

It doesn’t matter.

Cosmic Reality Versus Scripture

There are many religions, spiritual and mystic traditions throughout Human history, however few are aggressive and empirical. Buddhism – Pacifist. Shintoism – Pacifist. Most Shamanic traditions – Pacifist. Most Native American Traditions – Pacifist. Anywhere and anytime people need to work together for their mutual and individual benefit success is assured. You don’t need war for folks to die.

During my open-heart surgery in 1963 (50 Fuckin’ years ago!) I experienced Death. It’s actually as cool as in The Meaning of Life, by Monty Python, except for the salmon. I love salmon. Wait, I forgot to tell you what Death feels like! Ain’t a thang, Chicken-wang… It really is like sleep with incredible dreams that aren’t dreams. You can hang around in the mortal realm as long as you’d like, being a voyeur of anyone and anything. But we usually just hang around to see what is going on around our monkey suit.

Death is painless – Keeping You Alive is Painful

Death is painless – it’s all the shit they do to keep you alive that is painful. Yeah, that was redundant, but so is life…

When they cut my chest open in 1963, I was already dying.  And I was okay with it. You see, I still remembered what “pre-life” was like and I had nothing to worry about. Neither do you.

They laid my drugged body into a tub of ice to slow my heart and respiration because heart/lung machines didn’t exist. To this day I cannot stand for ice to touch my skin, unless it’s cooling a strong drink. Broken bones? Sprains? A rusty nail through the foot? A fist fight with another monkey? No problem. Although I love the seasons of North America, I hate the feel of ice, even after  spending months in the Blasted Lands and Bayou where heat alone will reduce your waist size. When you are being physically kept alive, while your true self observes from above, there is a clarity most folks miss during mundane life.

I didn’t have the verbal skills to describe my experience, but blessed with some artistic abilities, I was able to express some of the divine. I’m not a gadget-head, I’m a lover. So I drew pictures of my heart surgery viewed from above.

Death is not a Monster. Death is a beautiful Goddess that holds your hand and walks you home. You’ve likely forgotten that, but when the time comes you will embrace and kiss her with all the emotion you have.

Born To Be Wild

What does any of this have to do with the Boot-Strap Expat adventure? Everything!

We didn’t agree to be born to spend most of our days confined to a cubicle. We agreed to incarnate for two reasons – To help others and to experience incredible thrills! Each of us must accept a task prior to incarnation. We aren’t responsible for the outcome, just the effort. My assignment (though I did not know it until I was 43 years old) was to teach my father that material wealth is not the meaning of Life. I failed miserably. My father, until his last breath believed that wealth was the greatest measure of an individual life. He died after spending time in prison for hoarding animals. Did he love animals? Surely, but they were his bait for wealth. He would literally steal pets from neighbors, simply to claim that his requests for donations of food any money were to benefit the animals, many of whom died for lack of food, water, shelter or care.

We were all Born To Be Wild, if you’ve ever spent time in the embrace of Nature, you already know this. If you’ve ever been imprisoned by the State, you already know this. If you’ve ever found yourself without shelter you already know this. If you’ve ever eaten from a garbage can, or the leftovers of a stranger, you already know this. If you’ve ever wondered why the government is stealing more than 3% of your wages, you already know this. If you think Civilization depends on government, you’re just a fuckin’ idiot. Government doesn’t give you anything you don’t already have and never will. Government is a legal Mafia extortion racket. Governments only exist to increase the power of the governors. History is very clear on this point. As soon as you abdicate responsibility and control over any aspect of your life, you are condemning yourself and your heirs to slavery. I have more respect for the Dope Dealer and independent whore than any elected official. Why? Because they are self-sufficient and Provide products and services that real human beings desire and are willing to pay for with the capital they have earned.

Why I’m Leaving the United States

I am an artist, writer, lover, father and Human Being. The fence promised along the US/Mexican border is not to keep others out of the States, but to keep Tax Cows in! My parents were both illegal aliens – from Kanada. My father was exactly what the Federal Government wanted – Men who believed their worth was measured by their tax obligations – nominal wealth, so that it could be stolen and used to undermine the Wildness which is our birthright. I’ve attempted to affirm my birthright within the United States. It is no longer possible. I’ve setup house in the wilds of “Public Land” only to be fined and threatened with incarceration for simply wanting to live a life of Liberty. I prefer Liberty to Slavery and no longer believe that any exists in the United States of America. So while I still dwell in this mortal shell, I plan to leave for the opportunity to spend my final days in Liberty. Freedom is for Slaves, I was created free and prefer liberty.

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Note: Featured Image is copyrighted artwork by Sebastien Grenier. 

[ii] “to miss the mark” Biblically, to sin is akin to not hitting the bulls eye of a target


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