What a Formal Project Plan Looks Like

Boot-Strap Expat – Formal Project Plan


So what does a formal Project Plan look like? Take a look!
Just click on the images for a better view.

Microsoft Project - Boot-Strap Expat 20130924 -1

This is a Gantt chart used in Project Management to plan and provide status for a project. Each line item represents a Task, Activity or Summary of the tasks that relate to one another. So in the chart above, line ID 1 represents a summary of the entire Boot-Strap Expat Adventure, from Planning through Travel. Lines 2 and 3 are activities that are somewhat distinct, without underlying detail. Note that the light blue bar graph to the right of line 3 has breaks in it. This represents that Liquidation activities will be performed on weekends over a three week period. Line 4, Sponsorship is a summary of my efforts to secure sponsors in each of the nations we’ll be passing through. Line 12 is again a summary, this time of the Preparation activities that you’ll find on page 2.

 Microsoft Project - Boot-Strap Expat 20130924 -2

Lines 13 through 21 above represent the Preparation activities. Line 22 is where things get exciting! In planning the Boot-Strap Expat Adventure I originally hoped to be able to begin the trip the Day after the US Thanksgiving holiday, or 29 November, so that we would be heading South before the Winter Solstice and the onset of frigid weather in the Northern US. However experience cautions against being too aggressive with planning since there are likely to be unknown delays beyond my control. Any activity that I do not have direct control over contains risks that cannot be known until they are encountered. For example, although I have estimated it will take 30 days to secure Visas to allow passage through a number of nations, it may actually take 40 or 60 days for these documents to be processed. We all know how efficient and expedient government bureaucracies can be.

Microsoft Project - Boot-Strap Expat 20130924 -3

So if all goes according to plan and we don’t encounter too many barriers to progress, Max, New Moon and I should arrive in Curacavi, Chile after 36 to 40 days on the road, just as originally estimated!

Please consider being a Sponsor for this adventure,

To support my efforts directly, donations through PayPal can be made to: alex.z@consultant.com

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5 thoughts on “What a Formal Project Plan Looks Like

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  3. Wow, you are doing exactly what I’d like to be doing…moving to Chile! Good luck. I’ll watch for updates. If I had spare cash I’d send you some…but then, if I had spare cash I’d move!

    • The goal is to produce a guide for folks who want to explore opportunities beyond the States. Where the economy is booming, where government debt is almost nonexistent and where liberty is still part of the culture.

      There are plenty of resources for wealthy folks who want to expatriate, I’m going to demonstrate how you can do so without five or six figures in your bank account.

      In essence, a “Do It Yourself” guide.

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