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The Truth About Health Care In the US Few Are Aware Of

Want better and cheaper health care? – Avoid Health Insurance and negotiate it away in exchange for more cash from your employer. By paying for medical services in cash, you can expect a 30% – 40% discount from physicians and hospitals. If you live near the US – Mexican border you can meet all of…

This is not the Past.
it is the future.

Only Governments Are Capable of Genocides and Holocausts

2014/02/18 I’m About To Piss Some Of You Off – Aside from propagandizing children to believe that their particular government/state/nation/fictional entity enclosed by imaginary lines on the ground is somehow better than all that exist and/or have ever existed, here’s the TRUTH. Please take note of the Bold, Capitalized and Underlined nature of the last word in the last…

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Censorship Is For Idiots

Your Comments Are Safe Here – I’m amazed at the number of sites I comment on that censor my comments. I’m never rude. I challenge the points of the article or essay based on their merits, or lack there of. Only when I appear to be on the reasonable, or winning side of the argument…

Government Loves Us

The Tyranny of Citizenship | Exhibit 1- FATCA

2014/01/29 Citizens Of All Nations Are Programmed To Believe Citizenship Benefits Them – Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth– There are over 7,000,000 US citizens living abroad presently and the US government is screwing them and the situation for expats is only going to get worse moving forward. It’s bad enough that such people…

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Off The Grid Is Much Better Than Off-Line

2014/02/11 While I’ve Lived Off The Grid and Off-Line For Years, Off-Line Sucks – I knew I was gonna get cut off. I shot a move to keep the interwebs on long enough to complete my interview with Out Of The Box and Above Top Secret. Now I’m paying the price. My service provider is…

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Thoughts on Pagan Expatriation

2014/02/13 Pagans Have Been Out In Most Of The West For Decades – We may be harassed by small pockets of our communities but we tend to be very visible. Holding Rites and Rituals in public spaces; Forming Charitable and Community Service organizations; Showing up in mainstream media sharing our values with the uninformed or…